Jonathan Bursey

Jonathan Bursey – Chief Operating Officer


Academically, Jonathan was a scholar at the second oldest school in England, The King’s School Rochester (Est. 604 A.D.). As Jonathan advanced into tertiary education, he attended the Business School at Nottingham University where he studied Finance, Accounting, and Management. He received the second highest grade.


Jonathan was awarded one of thirty training contracts out of more than five hundred applicants at the National Audit Office in London, thus beginning his career as an accountant. He was assigned to the M.O.D. (Ministry of Defense), a high security clearance division dealing with multi-billion pound activities.


He then transitioned into the Quantitative Finance field in order to be in a ‘front office’ position. In his second year with the company he was the highest revenue producing employee and received a double promotion while building a team. In 2012, Jonathan presented the company’s business plan to the U.S. Embassy in order to initiate the company’s goal of expansion into America by qualifying for five-year Investor Treaty visas. As Director of Business Development, Jonathan helped grow the company’s presence in the U.S. markets by forming relationships with managing directors of some of the largest investment banks, partners of multi-billion dollar asset managers and hedge funds, as well as owners of independent proprietary trading firms.


In November 2014, Jonathan joined a vertically integrated real estate company in Los Angeles as Director of Business Development. He was made a partner when he assumed the additional position of Director of Operations in the company's agency division. Jonathan doubled the size of the division to a team of sixty plus.


After facilitating the sale of the real estate group, in 2017 Jonathan co-founded Urban Mutual, a licensed finance lender. Jonathan managed company-wide operations for the group’s first mortgage and mezzanine funding investment activity to renovation and new construction projects.