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Urban Mutual’s ultimate goal is to enable experienced renovation, rehab and ground-up construction developers to significantly expand their business opportunities and production pipeline by taking on additional projects they do not have the capital to secure or the required infrastructure to manage. 

Urban Mutual’s close affiliation with some of the largest real estate brokers and wholesale acquisition firms in the nation can create unique opportunities for our mortgage brokers and first mortgage lender affiliates, and most importantly our development partners, to access strong acquisition deal flow, and the ability to further help monetize profitability and drive enterprise value.

Our exclusive value-added inclusions and corporate advisory services, which incorporates a number of proprietary risk mitigation products and services, can insure that Urban Mutual’s affiliated investors, financiers and developers are able to protect themselves against the uncertainty of market driven exposure and the risk of construction cost overruns and delays. 

Urban Mutual’s sophisticated suite of ‘insurance-wrapped’ property value protection and underwritten asset-exit strategy programs allow our developer partners to significantly differentiate their projects from their competitors, and therefore sell their properties decidedly faster and at a considerably higher value then they could have otherwise. 

This includes; our 90 Day Buyer Satisfaction Sell-Back Performance Guarantee, allowing buyers of Urban Mutual sponsored properties to ‘give back’ and exit their newly purchased home if they are not fully satisfied with their purchase*; our unprecedented Down Payment and Equity Investment Protection Program - an innovative solution to protect the home buyer's down payment, which can safeguard the home buyer’s initial Equity investment in the event of a market correction or price decrease*.


Urban Mutual is a boutique Private Equity and Corporate Advisory Investment Firm representing family office and institutional money. Urban Mutual's mandate is to provide innovative and secure, turn-key 100% LTV/LTC funding solutions to the real estate development and construction industry, which include First Mortgage and Equity Gap Mezzanine finance, as well as Preferred Equity investment options. 

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